Caesarstone Countertops turning your house into a Home.

Posted on October 5, 2015 by Val Rocha

Caesarstone quartz countertops are a unique blend of both technology and nature. Caesarstone has the ability to retain its natural beauty without the need for waxes or sealants and is virtually maintenance-free. It's perfect for any interior space and can also maintain incredible flexural strength. Simply put, Caesarstone surfaces can outperform marble or any other high-end countertop surface hands down.


caesarstone-bianco driftNot only are Caesarstone countertops are extremely resistant to stains due to their non-porous surfaces, they come in a wide variety of different colors and styles as well. With more than 70 colors currently available, Caesarstone offers a vast range of highly-designed quartz surfaces along with the finest options available in terms of texture and aesthetic appeal in the quartz countertop industry today. In fact, they're much easier to maintain, more durable, and competitively priced when compared to granite surfaces. Caesarstone surfaces have long been considered as one of the leading products in the world of quartz countertops. Therefore, when you hear the name ' Caesarstone', you should only expect the best.


caesarstone-pure whiteHere are some other reasons why Caesarstone it’s one of the most desirable quartz countertops in the market.




When it comes to durability, it doesn't get more resilient than the Caesarstone countertop line. They can resist literally anything including cracks, scratches, and stains. Many stain-making fluids like coffee, wine, or soft drinks won't stain a Caesarstone surface and can simply be wiped up with water and mild detergent. Even though they're resistant to scratches, it's always still a good idea to use a handy cutting board in order to avoid cutting directly onto the surface.

Different from granite, Caesarstone countertops don't require any kind of sealing or special treatment. Because they're non-porous, they're virtually maintenance-free. The overall luster remains intact because it's such a high density material and looks great years later as when it was first installed.

Easy Food Prep


One of the most desirable features about preparing food on a Caesarstone quartz countertop is that it's so safe. Because the surface is non-porous, there's no need to worry about harmful germs or bacteria working their way into any cracks or crevices along the surface of the countertop that could potentially pose a health risk.





Although the cost of Caesarstone quartz countertops can vary widely from dealer to dealer, running from $60 -$100 per square foot installed. Keep in mind that having new quartz countertops in you kitchen or bathrooms are always  seeing as an investment, since they will increase the value of your home and in most cases set your property apart from other homes in your area,  if you ever consider re selling it.


caesarstone- pebble

Care and Maintenance

Maintaining and caring for a Caesarstone quartz countertop couldn't be easier. They're super simple to keep clean with just a bit of mild soap and water in order to maintain their luster and sheen. Sometimes it's necessary to apply a stronger household cleaner like Soft Scrub Liquid Gel for tougher stains. Also, to remove materials like gum or super-sticky foods, it's better to scrape away the hard-to-remove material first using a plastic knife and then use a damp cloth on the surface to remove any residual marks or dirt left behind.

Overall, Caesarstone countertops are incredibly beautiful, durable, highly attractive surfaces that have the ability to make any house feel more like a warm and stylish home.



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