Stone Suppliers

Stone Suppliers Do not sell directly to the public and for that reason they are not supposed to Quote countertop retail prices to any customer. They are the main source of slabs for most of the Stone Fabrication shops. If you visit a Stone Supplier without having already selected your stone fabricator, you will have to get in contact with one in order to get a quote for your countertop project.

Quality in Granite Countertops works directly with all of the major Stone Suppliers in Greater Atlanta area so our customers can have access to  an endless selection of granite, marble Quartzite and other natural stones.

We work closely with our stone Distributors in order to give you  the best experience during your stone selection process.

Many of  our Stone Suppliers have their current slab inventory  available through their websites.

So,  click below and visit their website to see if they have what

the particular material and color you are looking for.

These are some of our Local Supplier's website links in the Atlanta area:

AGM Imports


Stone Connection 

Stone Showcase

If you need a quote for your new countertops based on any color selection you just found, please just give us a call or feel free to fill out our Online Quote Request Form, and we will email a Quote back to you within 24 hours.