Got an Outdated Bathroom? Give it a New Look!

Posted on April 30, 2015 by Val Rocha

Trends come and go, and if you’re like thousands of homeowners  faced with the need of improving that outdated bathroom, but still don’t you want to spend a ton on that project…. The solutions comes down to “being creative”! But, above all, creating a room that reflects your personality and lifestyle still the most important aspect of your project.

Just like your kitchen, your bathroom is one of the most visited areas of your house and Spending time in a room that reminds you of your early years of marriage, or when the children were Little and you still have some of those crayons marks scrambled on the walls! That’s not only boring, it’s a plain mood killer!



So, let me give you here 5 Tips that will help you improve the look and feel of your outdated  bathroom; and some of them  are extremely budget friendly!

Create an Accent Wall!


Yes, accent walls in a bathroom are not only for restaurants, Spas and Nails Saloons! Not at all!

Painting a back or side wall with a bold color will not only add a dimensional illusion to your bathroom but it will also take your eye from all the other areas transforming that before unseeing area into the focal point in your bathroom! Now, if you feel a little extravagant, you can play with textures too, that alone will give more life to your bathroom!


Lights Up! Add some extra Lighting


More and more we see an increase on skylights and windows bringing more natural light into your outdated  bathrooms. Although not all home owners’ association codes allow homeowners to make that kind of structural change to their homes, the ones that do, will have homeowners smiling at the energy savings they will have by not having to turn on the lights that often anymore.

Adding new lighting to your outdated bathroom is something that’s being trending since last year and will continue this year, especially when LED lights are becoming more and more cost efficient as well. They have a very natural daylight feel and are being used mostly everywhere these days.


Accessorize it!


Just don’t overdo it! Sometimes what started as a well intended décor project can turn out to be nothing more than clutter! Try to add details to enhance your bathroom, but still, keep it clean and down to the minimum.

Go for faucets and sinks that complement your home décor style. You can choose from Chrome, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. Oh and copper still a great choice as well. New faucet styles area now entering the residential space, and by those I mean the more straight, clean, high-tech kind of looking, they’re beautiful and are really trending now along with the crescent minimalist look.


Turn that Outdated Bathroom into a Spa!


By all means go for that! I just spend this past weekend at a local Spa and as I was sitting there enjoying myself … I started to notice that soothing, healing and so relaxing environment is what we’re seeing lately on magazines, home shows, tile showrooms, etc. Everywhere you look you will notice the Spa concept being introduced to us. The clean lines, lives plants, vertical gardens and geometric lines are a clear definition of what having your own Spa at home looks and feels like.


Update that old Countertop!

Many might say that I’m actually bias by bringing up this Tip! Lol However, this holds to be very true. Many times you walk into a bathroom where the floors look nice, wall colors are well coordinated, cabinets are in great shape, but you still have that feeling that something still quite not right!! It could be that you are still holding on to that outdated countertop and it’s time to get them a new look! You would not believe how big a change you can create in your bathroom just by bringing in new granite our marble countertops, getting new sinks and a stylish faucet!


Create a Tiled accent wall!

renovanting an outdated bathroom pic

Being a native Brazilian, I grew up seeing tile walls everywhere… from the tiled porch walls  to entire kitchens and bathrooms – floors and walls covered with tiles! I guess part is due to the heavy European style influence and the  other part has to do with the warm weather, in most Tropical Countries, their architectural style makes you believe that  everything is “tileable”!

So, seeing the tile walls trend that started to emerge and keeps growing here in the States, in the recent years  is a breath of fresh air for me! I love it! Especially here in the Southern part of the States where the traditional Southern style has a strong influence and basically rules over the  entire home decor industry.

Now, something new is coming and according to the leaders in the tile industry, 2015 is the big year for the modern look. This wave brings in lots of creative concepts for floors and walls. One of them is making tile floors the focal point in the bathrooms. That also comes with lots of textures into play, along with geometric floors styles and clean spaces. Don’t forget about the walls, and why not take that one notch up and create accent walls that once again, bring that Spa feeling into your home? That’s all part of this new trend and if you have not yet noticed keep your eyes open and you will see yourself falling in love with it and desiring more than ever get rid of that outdated bathroom!

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