Granite Prices are better than Ever!

Posted on January 24, 2011 by Val Rocha

Granite Kitchen Island

Quality and granite prices has never been so affordable! Isn't that great news? specially if you are  ready to start that particular project. After all the, no matter what your circumstances are, if you are planning on remodeling and upgrading your home because after all the running around,  open houses and home shows and hours of just going through Realtor websites you just decided that staying in your home and updating  a few things here and there is the best option. After all you love your neighbors, and moving into a new neighborhood will not only be hard on the kids but it might not be the best long term  decision.

So now what?! Where to start? If your home is already within the 5-10 yrs bracket, you don't need to look too hard to find a handful of areas that need some type of care. The wise decision is to tackle to areas where the greatest investment is needed and start from there. Why? Two main reasons, first of all after two hard economic years, homeowners that are ready to buy are a gem. You can get great deals on pretty much anything, within a reason of course. So, aiming for the areas in your home that will require a larger investment is the best move.

Although, many people still skeptical idea of having a beautiful  granite countertops in their kitchen, I can assure you that it might cost you less than you think. Granite prices are better than Quartz and other Solid Surfaces in many cases; and it will give you the best return on your investment when re-selling your  home.

Granite Countertops

To save you time and a lot of unnecessary running around here are a few tips to help you streamline your project.

- Go online look for local granite fabricators in your area. Most of them will have online quotes where you can  measure your own countertops, and with that information handy you can just fill out their quote request forms on their sites, make sure to give accurate information and within a matter of 24 hrs. you should have several quotes emailed back to you.

- To start out your process, based on the returned quotes you will be able to narrow down your options. Make sure their quotes are clear and all items are broken down.

-Call them up, and ask questions  to  verify the accuracy of the quote and any other related question you still have. Look for exceptional overall quality, that's one of the keys.

-  If they have a showroom with slabs selections, now is the time to visit them. If they don't; find out where you should go view them. A lot of the small fabricators, have in the past couple of years taken their primary role of being just a fab shop.  That means lower overhead and better granite prices for you, so don't let discourage you; just find out where you should go to view your slabs.

- Make sure you feel at ease with the sales person helping you throughout the process. Their knowledge and expertise should  give you the assurance that your investment is on good hands.

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  1. Val, those are useful information. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I love granite, and as a REALTOR, I know how important having the right contractor is! You do not want to be paying top dollar for a counter top, only to have it incorrectly installed. It is nice to know you are available for my re-habs in the atlanta area.
  3. Great info! Makes we want to go out and get a granite countertop for myself!
  4. I love baking bread on granite counter tops... your article is fascinating, Val - thank you!
  5. Hi Val, Thank you Val for the information giving here. Nice knowing you

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