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 Technically speaking Soapstone is a very dense rock with talc been one of its main elements. Its wide variation on the talc component is the responsible for its hardness variation. This hardness will vary from 30% to 80 percent, notice that the lowest that percentile the hardest the stone grade will be. The talc component for the Soapstone used for architectural purposes, such as soapstone countertops, usually varies within the 30-40 percent.  Soapstone has a warm and soft feeling to the touch and it's predominantly grey to dark charcoal colors with subtle flowing veins.

soapstone countertops

Soapstone with white and gray countertops

Although Soapstone is softer than most of the other natural stones, its density it’s what sets it apart from all other stones. Soapstone is very dense and therefore, non-porous, and for that reason it has been  one of the most used stones for chemistry labs and acid rooms around the world.

Soapstone countertops

Texas Soapstone with White Cabinets

Soapstone countertops has no natural competitors as far as its impenetrability; nothing will permeate or stain its surface. Due to its thermal  nature soapstone is widely for different cookware applications, going from wine coolers, beer mugs to pots, pans and servers.

Dorado Soapstone Countertop

Dorado leathered Soapstone countertop


Cleaning your soapstone countertops on a daily basis is simple and can be done using a mild detergent or a ph neutral stone cleaner. Although chemicals and acids will not harm your stone, they will remove the mineral oil treatment given to the stone.  Regular application of mineral oil enhances its beauty turning it into a dark charcoal gray and even black.

soapstone countertops

Untreated  Soapstone Countertops

soapstone countertops

Oil Treated Soapstone Countertops

 Getting rid of Soapstone Scratches

Soapstone is a soft stone; therefore it will scratch much easier than granite or marble. While many soapstone lovers can appreciate that, applying mineral oil or light sanding easily hides those scratches.


The slabs sizes and characteristics will vary depending on its Quarry. That’s one of the main reasons why Soapstone colors are usually named after their Quarries, such as “Santa Rita Grey Soapstone” instead of just by their main color. Soapstone slabs  average 7-9’ long by 6’ tall. The Soapstone used here in the States comes mainly from Brazil, Finland and India.

de_Minas Half Waxed - Dorado Soapstone

Soapstone colors will vary from lights shades of gray and green, with subtle white Quartz veining, which gradually darkens over time. Mineral oil application will enhance the soapstone deep colors and patterns.

Grey Brazilian Soapstone

Atlanta Soapstone Suppliers carry a large inventory of slabs where you can select the color and pattern that best fit your application and lifestyle. Stone Connection is one of the Brazilian’s Soapstone Suppliers here in Atlanta.


  Soapstone is a timeless and fit into any decor. The price range for Soapstone countertops can go anywhere from $95-$150  which is similar to mid-high end granite or Quartz.

soapstone countertops with oak cabinets


 If you want natural stone in your home and also want to go almost “maintenance Free” this is the stone for you! For me and of the sales stand point, working with Soapstone is such an easy task! Customer will either love it or hate it! This for me is awesome! Soapstone lovers understand and appreciate the nature of this stone and usually pay no attention to the short “Cons” list.

In reality, Soapstone eliminates all three major concerns homeowners have when shopping for natural stones for their countertops.


Soapstone is Heat, Acid and Stains resistant!

  •  Soapstone thermal characteristics make it an excellent heat conductor and it's also resistant to high heat without suffering any damages.
  • Unlike  granite, marble, limestone  soapstone will not suffer any  chemical reaction when in contact with acidic materials.
  •  It doesn’t need to be sealed. Soapstone is super dense, meaning it’s non-porous and will require no sealant.
  • It’s age-old look fits the traditional and contemporary styles;

aged soapstone top


  • Quite honest, as someone who grew up around soapstone counter tops, pots, pans and farmhouse sinks, I can hardly find any cons to offset its Pros, versatility and visual appeal, other than its some what limited range of colors.
  •  Oiling or treating soapstone countertops is optional (not required by any means) and will not have any effect on the appearance or characteristics of the stone other than darken it, giving it a more contemporary look.

   mirasol soapstone countertop

Bottom line is: Soapstone counter tops bring that age-old feel into the traditional and modern lifestyle.

Soapstone ages gracefully and it’s beauty and strength will certainly out do yours!

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